February 8, 2016

  1.  What are your current costs per individual you serve?

  2. What is the impact you’re getting for that cost?

  3. Can you summarize briefly your strategic plan?

  4. Are there other nonprofits in the area with a similar mission?

  5. What kind of connections would you like me to try to make for you?

  6. If I make an unrestricted gift to your organization, how and where will you put it to use?

  7. What is your Number 1 problem that you’re trying to solve?

  8. How much money will it take to solve the problem?

  9. Do you have a motivated staff?

  10. What is your vision for your organization in the next 5-10 years?


Are there other questions that you’ve been asked by your high-dolla...

November 20, 2015


Given all the passion and efforts you pour into your mission year-round, it’s only natural to emphasize your organization and its reason for existence in your appeal.  After all, an educated and well-informed donor is your best donor…right?  Is it possible, however, that your focus on the WHAT and WHY of your mission leaves out the all-important WHO?   I’m referring to your donors, of course.


The best, results-producing fundraising appeals are donor-focused. And, if your appeal answers the following key donor questions in a compelling way, you will you have opened up avenues for tremendous success down the line.

  1. Why me? Your donors, whether they’re first-timers or repeat...

October 27, 2015


Eastern philosophy has been making its way into western culture for sometime now, and many of us are now seeing things like science, medicine and world events through a more holistic lens.  We've started to incorporate some of its practices into our everyday lives.  


Concepts of Buddhism are especially commonplace.  Mindfulness, mental wellness and spiritual health are now a part of corporate health programs, and hundreds of Buddhist meditation centers have popped up across America.


If you grew up in the 60's and 70's (as I did), the concept of practicing mindfulness and compassion, balance and wisdom were quite foreign.  Could you ever picture an All In The Family episode tha...

September 25, 2014

Let’s be clear.  Digital communications can include email, website, social media and mobile.  Many marketing, communication and development professionals have made digital their main focus for the last several years.


Let’s also be clear about print.  It’s the promotion of anything from a product to a service to a brand via print materials like posters, fliers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, etc.


It strikes me that there truly is a very real symbiotic relationship between digital and print and when that relationship is ignored results can often be negatively affected.


Here’s one example of how “just” digital doesn’t work well:  A study done at Virginia Tech tested the effectiveness...

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