May 18, 2015

Though I’m certainly no Henry David Thoreau, who urged his readers to ‘Simplify, Simplify, Simplify’ their lives over 150 years ago, leaders who cultivate healthy organizations do so by striving to create clarity or or simplify things.. We see that these are the leaders who are the most successful.


Is it just a coincidence that unhealthy organizations – those with a poor culture and minimal results – got that way because of a lack of clarity around their vision, mission, guiding principles, goals and objectives? I don’t think so.


If you’re interested in your organization’s health, here are 6 specific Points of Clarity that I think you should be talking to your staff about:

  1. Why do we ex...

April 9, 2015

Heidi Hancock, principal and lead consultant at Mosaic provides us with this “stat” of the day:  57% on nonprofit communicators feel overworked. 5% reported feeling underworked, while 38% said things were just right.  This caused me to reflect on the nonprofit people I work with on a daily basis.  If I had to guess, I’d say that most of them would fall into the category of overworked.  Maybe it’s because most of the nonprofits we work with are small to mid-sized nonprofits, usually with limited staffs and budgets.


I wondered if, by extension, “overworked” meant unhappy.  So I asked several of them a couple of questions of my own:  first, if they felt “overworked” and, if so, did...

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