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What You Should Know About Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Personalization is one ingredient in direct marketing that has demonstrated time and time again a high ROI (return on investment). Direct mail campaigns that speak to an individual instead of the masses tend to be more effective. One way to increase the personalization of direct mail pieces is to use VARIABLE DATA PRINTING.

1. Boost your ROI by using mailing list data:

Marketers are able to attain mailing lists that not only provide names and addresses, but can also be much more specific to include marital status, income brackets, particular interests and other personal information. Variable data printing grants you the opportunity to create a custom piece that will grab the recipients’ attention. Having custom information means that your direct mail piece will be more appealing and relevant to the recipient. Use first names, appeal to families with children etc.

2. Change up your return address or phone number:

If you have multiple store locations, print the one that will be most convenient for each recipient. Or depending on the campaign, you can change the phone numbers so that the recipient can contact a specific person, in a specific department, within the company.

3. Customize your fonts:

Not only can your addresses and mailing list data be printed directly onto your mail piece, it can also be in a range of different fonts so that the print compliments the rest of your design or corporate identity.

4. Use color to grab ATTENTION:

VDP allows for a more widespread and advanced use of customizable color, which has been proven to catch a customer’s attention more effectively than regular black and white printing. Use color wisely to compliment your current brand identity and highlight important information on your mail piece.

5. Add images and maps:

Images can be customized and carefully selected for your specific target audience. You can change your images and maps using VDP. You can choose to show exactly where your store front is located in relation to their neighborhood, or show custom images based on a specific person’s demographic.

VDP aids in creating customized imagery and effective personalization and is more likely to evoke emotional triggers. These triggers ultimately lead to a higher response rate on a specific call to action.

6. Tracking:

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of using variable data printing is the opportunity to track your response rates more efficiently. This allows for unique barcodes and coupon identification numbers to be placed on your communication pieces, which would then provide you with an easier and more efficient way of tracking your results.

Variable data printing is the next step in direct mail marketing for your business. Don’t just send out generic campaigns to your audiences. Create custom pieces that appeal to each recipient and make them want to contact you!

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