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Chicago, That Givin' Town!

In case you missed it…

According to a recently released study, Chicagoans give to charity at a higher rate than the national average. Nearly three quarters of households in the Chicago area donated to nonprofits in 2013 according to a report commissioned by the Chicago Community Trust. This compares with 59% of households across the country in 2010.

In all, Chicagoans gave $10 billion to charity in 2013, with the bulk coming from households, not grant-making organizations or businesses (Indiana University, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy).

Among local households that gave to charity in 2013, 70% reported giving $100 or more. More than half said they gave $500 or more. Also, Chicagoans who donated contributed about 3% of their annual income to nonprofits in 2013.

This study should help you more fully understand the scope of charitable giving and the issues that donors care about.

The study looked at the reasons donors give, with most – 76% being motivated to help those in need, according to the report. Other donors said they were motivated by “feeling that those who have more should help those who have less” and “personal values or beliefs” as their reasons for giving.

If you’re a fundraiser in the Chicagoland area, there’s money to be had, but do you understand the issues that your donors care about? Once you prove to them that you do understand and are acting on that information, they’ll support your cause.

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