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Gathering Important, Usable Information

Why do your donors support you? What are their motivations? What is it they like about your cause?

It sure would be nice to get the answers to these questions, wouldn’t it?

Well, what are you doing to collect this information? Hopefully, you’re talking with your donors on a regular basis. It’s important because they will freely give you feedback on how they’re feeling.

I want to tell you about a well-known organization that is using a simple index card to gather more information on their donors. Yes, an index card! In this day and age. So simple.

During the Christmas season, when donor response is high, we suggested that they insert an index card into a holiday mailing stating: “I support the XYZ organization because _________________.”

The feedback was invaluable. Some enclosed pages of handwritten text to the index card describing all sorts of personal experiences with the organization. Others gave simple responses consisting of no more than a sentence or two. But these were also compelling.

Rescigno’s then took the feedback and used it in future messaging when appropriate. What this did was to create deeper conversations and relationships with donors because it showed that the organization and the donor shared similar beliefs and values.

Go ahead and ask your provider to help you implement this strategy or call us if they’re not sure how to do it.

Have you used this strategy already? Share with us the results, won’t you?

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