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Let This Trend Be Your Friend

Of all the industries that are using direct mail, the largest single sector using it successfully is nonprofit fundraising. Yes, mail is still the most popular way to connect donors to causes and organizations.

According to Blackbaud Institute’s latest Charitable Giving Report, online channels account for only 8.5% of all fundraising.

Which begs the question: if direct mail is still so valued, what does direct mail do exactly that makes it so successful? The answer to that couldn’t be more clear: the direct mail letter!

We’re talking about letters that speak directly to recipients. Letters that contain language such as the following:

  • Because of your past generosity, we were well-positioned to adapt and continue to serve the community in spite of the pandemic.

  • Your support is changing the future for more than you know! In the fight against Parkinson’s disease, we couldn’t make the progress we’re making without you. Quite literally, it would be impossible.

  • The lives of men, women, girls, and boys have been dramatically impacted in amazing ways because of you. Here’s just one example…

  • Not everyone feels the same way you and I do about animals. It’s up to good people like you and me to step up with a giving heart and a compassionate spirit. With each new member like you, we will save more suffering and abandoned animals.

Other than reaching out by phone (which limits your ability to reach more than a few people), there is no better communication channel than direct mail to get your messages of impact across to your various constituents.

If you’re not doing direct mail, please share here why. I’d love to hear from you.

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