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Reaching Out to First-Time Donors

Here’s an idea for reaching out to first-time donors based on your last series of solicitations, no matter the amount of the gift:


I’m reaching out to you because I have an important question to ask: In your opinion, how are we doing?

I’m writing to you because during the last year you generously gave NAME OF ORGANIZATION a gift and for that I remain very grateful.

Because that was the first time you’ve given here, I would appreciate it very much if you would let us know your feelings about the following:

  • Do you feel we acknowledged your gift appropriately?

  • Has the information you have received from us helped re-enforce the value of the gift you sent to us?

  • If you asked us any questions, did we adequately and promptly respond to you?

  • Do you believe that NAME OF ORGANIZATION continues to make a difference that you value?

  • Do you have any suggestions regarding what you think we could do better?

I truly do value your opinion and feedback, so please respond honestly. Below is my contact information. Thanks for your time and consideration of my request.


CEO, Executive Director, etc.

XYZ Organization


Phone #

The best thing about this tactic? It will tell the donor that you’re serious about creating a meaningful relationship. And even if you only get a few responses you will have created (at least subliminally) a positive and pro-active impression with the reader.

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