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Leadership Tuesday — Fostering Foundation Boards

If you are working with a governing Board, a foundation fundraising Board, or a hospital foundation Board there are some basic points to remember as you put together or try to breathe new life into your Board.

Traits of Fundraising Foundation Boards That Are Productive:

  • Appropriate planning – no plan is a bad idea

  • Realistic goal setting

  • Sufficient dedication of resources to meet goals

  • Board actively participates with staff in the fundraising process

  • Management and Board equally accountable

Each Board Member Must:

  • Make the Foundation a #1 giving priority

  • Make a gift that is personally meaningful

  • Be willing to help in prospect identification

  • Act as an advocate for your organization

  • Participate in the stewardship process

If you have any more tidbits to add to our list, please share them here.

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