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The Process-Driven Annual Fund

Turn Your Annual Fund Campaign Into a Revenue Machine

by Ron Rescigno

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A colleague, after reading Ron’s blogs and newsletters, once said, “He is a person I would like to have a glass of wine or a beer with. His literary voice is approachable, friendly, and has a Chicago south side feel to it. His style of writing is both unique and inviting.” A great compliment when you consider that Ron doesn’t drink and isn’t originally from the south side of Chicago. He has written this book for fundraising professionals responsible for raising annual fund money. Ron has helped nonprofit organizations grow their base of support for over 28 years. Known as Rescigno’s copyediting guru, he works with clients to create appeal letters that pass the ‘donor-focused’ test. In his book, he describes the Process he has developed for annual fund success.

For his work on The Process-Driven Annual Fund, author Ron Rescigno was named one of Fig Factor Media's most notable authors of 2o22!

This book will help any fundraiser – whether you’re just starting out or have been in the business for years – as it refocuses your work back to the basics. Work smarter, not harder! Being thoughtful around the details and consistent with your messaging will absolutely lead to greater dollars raised. All the steps are laid out brilliantly.


Jennifer Steffus

Chief Development Officer

National Safety Council

The Process-Driven Annual Fund provides an inspirational introduction to the annual fund process. While recognizing the importance of donor-centered relationships, the book details the components essential to building a successful annual fund through direct mail.

John Andreasan

Associate Devlopment Director

Anne Carlsen Center Foundation

Fundraising is the art of compelling storytelling. Ron has created a compelling story for building a successful annual fund. He makes an easy case and provides you with a summary at the end of each chapter. Ron remains the educator and brings that into focus – write about the heroes of your organization, solve challenges, and create the pipeline for donor giving. I especially appreciated his focus that appeals can be personalized, donor centered, compelling – and then adding your unexpected gift of appreciation to the donor that builds relationships with deep roots – building a culture of philanthropy.


David J. Eaton MA
Office of Medical Advancement

University of IL, Col. of Medicine

What a gift to the sector, particularly as so many organizations build back stronger. The Process-Driven Annual Fund is an easy page turning must read for savvy development professionals seeking to take their annual giving program to the next level. This book provides proven and new approaches to building and accelerating unstoppable momentum in your fundraising program. Give your annual fund program some tender loving care as Ron recommends and watch your donors fall in love with your organization for life. Looking forward to seeing The Process-Driven Annual Fund on every development professional’s desk!

Brenda B. Asare
President & CEO

The Alford Group

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