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Direct Mail is Still at the Heart of Multichannel Marketing: Here's Why

In a world where marketing seems to be headed mostly toward social media, everyone seems to forget about DIRECT MAIL.

Fact: People love to get mail. Yup, you got it: palpable pieces in their mailboxes. Even the younger members of society-the ones glued to some form of technology and tapping away at their cell phones-like and prefer direct mail because they are generally overloaded by the clutter of social media and “in-your-face” pop-up ads online.

Don’t forget how important direct mail still is. With direct mail, your goal is to get action (WINK.)You can create a direct mail piece to inform and you want ACTION! What do you want the recipient to do next? Call the 800 number? Mail the reply card back? Go to your website?

For companies who use direct mail, there are a number of attractive advantages:

• You can target recipients precisely. Whether your list is for your Grandma’s Tuesday night bingo club, or for your new business campaign, you choose the ingredients that your list should have in order to get what you want out of it. You could search by Age, Gender, Homeowners in a certain area or suburb etc. You can be as specific as you’d like.

• Costs are moderate. To be more exact, you can create a campaign to work around your budget.

• Direct mail can happen quickly. With a simple campaign to the right target audience, you can buy a mailing list, develop mailing materials (including direct mail letter, flier, reply card, post card) launch a mailing, and start seeing results in as little as a few weeks. This is faster than a typical ad campaign-and a lot faster than waiting by the phone, hoping someone will call.

• You can mail to the exact same list with a slightly different campaign and still garner worthwhile results.

• You can never run out of prospects. Use your imagination (if it’s been a while, you can always use your new best friend, Google.) to find new niche direct mail markets for your products, whether retail or business-to-business. Your list broker or mailing consultant can suggest possible target markets worth trying.

Here at Rescigno’s, we have a dedicated consulting team that can help you with everything on this list and more! We are a full service marketing agency that specializes in graphic design, print, and mail.

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