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7 Easy Steps to Creating the Perfect Direct Mail Campaign, the Rescigno's Way

7 easy steps to creating the perfect direct mail campaign, the Rescigno’s way:

While direct mail is only one piece of a multichannel marketing campaign, it can be very influential if used properly. With the right message and the right approach, direct mail can generate new customers, leads, sales, and ultimately, create a better understanding of your product or brand.

After you have determined who your target audience is:

1. Develop a mailing list.

If you don’t already have one, we can purchase one for you. You can then get even closer to your desired target market by sifting through what you’re really interested in, be it: Age range, zip code, wealth target-your list can be narrowed down to exactly what you want. Give us a call here at Rescigno’s for more details- 708-974-2600

2. Create a mail piece.

You need to create a mail piece that will excite the recipient to spring into action. What do you want your recipient to do next? Mail back your reply card? Call the 800 number? Fill out the order form and mail it back to you? Include a compelling call to action.

Designers of direct mail pieces like to get creative with graphics. Your goal is to get the reader to respond to the offer. Any graphics that don’t directly correlate with the message you’re trying to get across are not worth the design and printing cost. At Rescigno’s, we have a great graphic design team that can do this! You can send your artwork over to us, or we can design your amazing piece in house.

3. Code your vehicle.

You should add this to your mail piece, make it small and keep it out of the way (don’t let it interfere with the message your piece is sending out.) Whatever way you have asked your recipients to respond, make sure you code your mailing e.g. 12142401: 1214- month/ year of the mailing; 24 is the identifier for the particular list you mailed from and 01 is the particular offer. Coding provides a simple device for revealing which mailing and which offer your responders are finding the most interesting. Now you can sift through any responses you have received and check which one is working the best for you.

4. Test the campaign.

Even a simple campaign of a few thousand pieces can run up the budget with mailing and duplication costs. You should test mail a portion of your mailing list to check the results. How quickly did you start receiving responses? How many people responded? What questions did the customer have if they called you? –these are just a few questions to think about so that you are able to tweak the campaign based on the results of this mailing.

5. Run your campaign.

Keep your mail pace in line with your ability to handle the potential responses. Your test mailing should give you a rough estimate of your customer response.

6. Handle customer responses.

If you’re asking the recipients of your mail piece to request more information, be prepared with what you’re gong to send them. How will you make maximum use of the names you spent money on to acquire? The faster the response, the better. Don’t make them wait!

7. Analyze the results.

Did the final results match what you expected? Which vehicle worked the best for what you are trying to accomplish?

Looking for a next step? Don’t know what to do after this mailing is done? Give Rescigno’s a call @ 708-974-2600! We would love to help you with your next project!

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