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5 Things You Can do to Get the Most Out o f Your Direct Mailing Campaign

Direct mail has certain advantages over other marketing campaigns that can make it the most important channel in your marketing mix.

1. Perhaps the greatest benefit of direct mail is the ability to play/ experiment with the message. It’s easy to try different approaches because they aren’t expensive to produce compared to other forms of marketing where it often becomes costly to make even the slightest of alterations.

After all, sometimes it just takes a little tweaking to get what you want. A B test image Figure 1: A comparison of two direct mail campaigns.

Figure 1: A comparison of two direct mail campaigns

2. Maximize versatility. Your direct mailing campaign can help you accomplish multiple goals. Because the recipient is able to read the materials over and over again, you should include your other marketing efforts on other channels, tell them about your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles or invite them to subscribe to your newsletter. Direct mail doesn’t just drive sales; it can also help you deepen your relationship with your customers.

3. Be relevant and timely. It’s easy to build ongoing direct mail campaigns that deliver timely messages with higher response rates. Use this to deliver specialized messages built around season, events or whatever you might need.

e.g. of a Direct mail piece that would be sent out in or just before Summer:

vs e.g. of a Direct mail piece that would be sent out in or just before Winter:

4. Offer incentives. With large format mail pieces available, you can include multiple offers that promote different products. It’s no secret that customers like discounts.

5. Connect with young customers. With all the buzz about today’s youth being captivated by technology, some might think that young customers would consider direct mail old and outdated, however recent studies have found that direct mail is often more successful with the younger crowd because they are overloaded with emails. The feeling of a physical piece of mail stands out and cuts through online clutter. In fact, according to the Direct Mail Association (DMA) Fact book, 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of a Direct Mail campaign.

If you are looking for more information on how to make your direct mail work for your business, give us a call here at Rescigno’s - 708-974-2600

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