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Younger Donors, Websites, and Direct Mail

More and more we see the importance of direct mail as a prompt for online gifts. Fundraisers take note: the younger the donor, the more likely he/she is to use the charity’s website in response to a direct mail appeal.

The bottom line, as I see it, is the importance of offline communications as a primary source of income to the charities we work with (including healthcare, education, religious, and human services). In fact, I’d go so far to say that not only is direct mail (offline) important as a catalyst in motivating online gifts, it is a major factor in doing so.

The moral of this story is that more than ever, charities must pay close attention to the ease and relevance of their online giving facility. Because of a significant percentage of donors using charity websites to fulfill their giving–including their giving to offline (direct mail) communications-charities must invest in a potent and ready-to-use system that will maximize this revenue source.

What about at your office? Can you back up my findings?

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