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Leadership Monday–Like a Fire in Your Soul

As a leader, my question to you is how hot is your commitment to your organization’s cause?

Do you love the work? Successful fundraising leaders understand that it is through their (your) efforts that lives are changed, saved, or impacted in one way or another.

It is you, the fundraising leader, who directs the initiatives that bring in the funds to build the buildings, provide the equipment, send needy kids to summer camp,grow scholarship funds, help to cure cancer through research (to name just a few of your accomplishments).

If you’re like many successful fundraising leaders you’re an unabashed workaholic. To you, it’s not work though, it’s your mission and that makes it a joy.

Are you working at a nonprofit whose mission is your reason for getting up in the morning? Please share your “joy” with us in this space.

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