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Kudos for Whoopi!

You may have missed this early last spring. I sure did.

Speaking to more than 3,000 attendees at the 52nd annual AFP International Fundraising Conference in Baltimore, comedienne Whoopi Goldberg said,

“You give kids the opportunity to dream, because someone will be there to make that dream come true. For me, that’s personally impactful. Because it makes the life of a teacher, a corrections officer or a foster family easier, because you’re like a safety net, you strengthen the safety net. What you’re offering is hope.”

I've never been her biggest fan until this morning when I came across the March 30 NonProfit Times article about her presentation in Baltimore.

How beautifully she framed what you do. In short, you offer hope.

That is what you do, you know. I say it a different way. When development pros tell me they’re reticent to ask for too many gifts in one calendar year (usually 3, in case you’re wondering), I tell them they shouldn’t be shy about giving donors and prospects the opportunity to do good.

But I must admit that I like the way Whoopi put it and I’m going to try to remember to use “You’re offering hope,” as often and in as many contexts as I can.

And you shouldn’t forget it either. Especially when you’re feeling beaten down by the day-to-day, sometimes seemingly innocuous activities of a development office.

You are offering hope.

When you stop and think about it, that may be the very reason you got involved in fundraising in the first place.

Personal to Whoopi: thank you for reminding us why fundraising is still a very noble profession.

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