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Leadership Monday: A Board Member without Passion Is Like a…

The truth is, I’m not sure what a board member without passion is like. I do know it’s not good though. If there’s no passion, no discernible strong feeling for the work a board member is doing, then the question, “Why bother?” probably needs to be asked.

It’s fine that board members like the cause and they like you but is that enough? I don’t think so. That’s one of the problems that I see with boards. There are people there who like and believe in the work your organization does.

But that’s just not enough. Or is it? Are you willing to settle for that?

Are you willing to settle for people who don’t do what they say they’ll do when they join the board.

Are you willing to settle for a board that will not ask their influential friends to get more deeply involved in the good you do?

Does it frustrate you no end that you have board members who can make truly meaningful gifts, gifts that could be used to spur others to action, but won’t or don’t?

Me too!

Realize this: some of these folks may be on your board to fulfill an obligation or obtain the benefits of membership and actually have no passion for your mission.

Here’s a suggestion: To increase their level of involvement with your organization, appeal to their hearts by showing them exactly how their contributions matter. For example, you could organize special times for them to hear about success stories.

If your board members are in an information vacuum because you have failed to share with them the good you do, that should be your goal from now on.

And, of course, always be ready to thank individual members for their service and to recruit new members.

I’ve got it! A board member without passion is like a cake with no butter cream frosting on it.

Are you frustrated with your board? What steps have you taken to change their attitudes? Drastic or not, I would appreciate you sharing your strategies here.

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