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Leadership Monday/ Leadership Effectiveness

The health of an organization and success of its fundraising efforts begins with leadership. Leaders who understand the mission and devote necessary resources (financial, human, social, political) to get the funds and push the organization ahead.

Effective leaders come from many places:

  • The executive suite

  • The board room

  • The development office.

When all three of these work together there should be a healthy culture which is worthy of donor investment.

Here’s how leaders measure the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts:

Tangible Measurements

  • Dollars raised

  • Donor retention

  • Return on investment

  • Program outcomes

Intangible Measurements

  • Healthy culture

  • Organization’s ability to attract and retain donors

  • Leadership that continues to improve over time

  • Leadership that embraces, supports, and is passionate about the cause

  • Clearly articulated vision, mission, and programs

  • Leadership values and promotes diversity in talent and thought

  • Leaders who promote the importance of everyone’s involvement in fundraising

Do you have any Measurements you would like to add?

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