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Questions You May Need to Answer from Your High-Dollar Donors

  1. What are your current costs per individual you serve?

  2. What is the impact you’re getting for that cost?

  3. Can you summarize briefly your strategic plan?

  4. Are there other nonprofits in the area with a similar mission?

  5. What kind of connections would you like me to try to make for you?

  6. If I make an unrestricted gift to your organization, how and where will you put it to use?

  7. What is your Number 1 problem that you’re trying to solve?

  8. How much money will it take to solve the problem?

  9. Do you have a motivated staff?

  10. What is your vision for your organization in the next 5-10 years?

Are there other questions that you’ve been asked by your high-dollar donors not on our list? Please share them here.

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