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Improve Your Board & Volunteer Engagement Now

If you want to energize a board and other volunteers that are less than, shall we say, impassioned, here are some recommendations to give them a good, old kick (I mean jumpstart):

  • Offer regular reports on major initiatives that are being funded;

  • Present campaign updates often;

  • Explain budget and funding needs more completely;

  • Clarify what you need them to do…don’t make them guess;

  • Don’t focus only on fundraising;

  • Communicate and have more contact with board members between meetings and in different ways;

  • Acknowledge and give feedback to volunteers who introduce prospects;

  • Understand board and volunteer preferences and their experience;

  • Create a board engagement plan critical to motivation;

  • Encourage volunteers to speak about their passion and commitment;

  • Tell volunteers about the difference they are making;

  • Regularly communicate in a variety of ways.

Wow, Ron, these sound great, but could you be more specific or give more detail about these fascinating bullets?

Of course I can! We conduct board and volunteer training to organizations regularly. Give me a call to discuss Rescigno’s helping you jumpstart your board and other volunteers.

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