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A Christmas Gift of ‘Smarts’

It’s amazing! The more time and dedication I put into my job, the luckier I get.

In sports parlance, it goes like this: “Luck is the residue of hard work and design.” (Branch Rickey)

That’s right, luck, it turns out, has very little to do with simply being “lucky.” It has everything to do with planning and executing a plan that sets you on a path to take advantage of opportunities that arise as a result of all you did to get to that moment in time to seize good fortune.

And just like luck, creating a successful direct mail fundraising letter from scratch is really something special—when it happens.

Here’s an opportunity for you to capitalize on the accumulated insights of hundreds of recent fundraising tests. I’m offering you the chance to work with the experts at Rescigno’s who do lots of direct mail testing and have helped hundreds of non-profits create successful direct mail campaigns.

If you’re a non-profit and you do direct mail, you qualify to receive one of our Communication Critiques on your most recent annual fund appeal or newsletter, if you prefer.

My Christmas present to you? The opportunity to get a little smarter and luckier (by reading our blog and optimizing your program’s future appeals).

At Christmas time and throughout the year, it’s good to be both lucky and smart, wouldn’t you agree?

To enter, just let me know. Good luck and happy holidays!

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