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If Money Were No Object…

I’ve worked with many development professionals over the last 25 years and, overwhelmingly, the one lament I hear more than any other is that they lack money “to do things.” In other words, to move their programs from Point A to Point B, or dare we say, even Point C.

As you know, fundraising is a process that requires funds to feed the necessary infrastructure for success. With that thought in mind, our question to you, implied in the title is, If Money Were No Object, what resources would make your job easier and more effective?

As fundraising consultants, I’ve had the privilege of working with nonprofits from many different parts of the country. It’s tremendously satisfying to help passionate people achieve their organizations’ goals. I love challenges and I certainly love the

noble profession of fundraising.

When you help donors connect with the world they love, that’s a pretty special thing.

That’s why I’m asking the above question. If you share your answer to the question in this space I’ll bet that there are some low cost strategies or techniques that you and I can talk about that just might make your job even more rewarding.

So I ask again. What resources would make your job easier and make you more effective?

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