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Halfway to 2018

Today, as we get very close to the mid-point of 2017, I want you to consider the following factors that could positively contribute to your future growth:

  1. Millennials love direct mail, as do others. You are using it as part of both your fundraising and marketing plans, right? If you’re not, I’m sorry for you; you’re being dollar wise and thousands of dollars foolish.

  2. The customers you already have cost quite a bit less and give more than the new ones you may get in the future.. We’re talking retention vs. acquisition here, everyone. Just a 5% increase in retention can result in as much as a 75% increase in profit. So communicate often and do so effectively, especially to those who already make use of your services.

  3. Think about how much business you get through referrals. Did you ever stop to think that when donors stop giving they may have a valid reason for doing so that you should know about? Find out about those reasons and vow to fix the problems if they exist.

  4. Promotional materials that tout your services need to be replaced with problem-solving, goal oriented, and trust building communications. It’s how you can stand out from other nonprofits, especially other nonprofits who offer very similar services to those you offer.

  5. Website content really does matter. A lot. According to Marketing Think, 2016, 81% of business-to-business decision makers use online communications and blogs to help make their service-provider decisions.

Rescigno’s offers turn-key, exclusive fundraising and marketing communication programs to the nonprofit industry. Please reply if you would like some information and/or to discuss how we can help you grow.

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