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The Cost of Bad Data

Old data is bad data, and bad data can cause lots of issues for organizations. These include wasted costs and poor donor response rates, but the list goes on. People always seem to overlook the first step in any direct mail program: their data. Proper data maintenance and upkeep is key to fundraising success.

Non-profits lose credibility when they send out incorrectly addressed mail or items that are irrelevant to the recipient. It hurts the organization financially, too. Using such demographic data as age, gender, or geography is a good first step when beginning to refine who should be receiving each of your pieces.

Once you decide who to mail to, the quality of that actual address list is essential if you want to be viable in the highly competitive field of direct mail fundraising. Applying best practices in address quality doesn’t mean smaller lists; it means enhanced lists... these result in better donor and prospect response rates.

As fundraisers and marketers develop more and more direct mail campaigns, it’s more vital than ever that pieces go to the right address and target the right person. By failing to do so, the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign is greatly diminished.

Consider segmenting your data lists and sending each segment a slightly different letter that incorporates their specific beliefs, opinions, attitudes, or intentions?

How can Rescigno’s help you enhance the quality of your data? Give us a call at 708-974-2600!

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