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Give Them Results

More than ever, donors want to know how their money has been put to use. If you’re a fundraiser, your messages to your donors should be about how they have been instrumental in your organization fulfilling its mission and making a difference in the world.

Middle-age donors especially are demanding results from non-profits in exchange for their gifts. They want a clear explanation of where the money is going.

Donors under the age of 35, while also concerned about results, are interested in building a community of like-minded givers. They want to get their friends and family to support a cause they believe in. They’re also more likely to give to new causes.

Are you leaving money on the table? To get a bigger share of discretionary money, non-profits must move quickly to deal with any complaints and include the date and amount of the donor’s most recent gift and remind them of the need.

Additionally, donors may be persuaded to give more based on how well the non-profit pitches its cause.

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