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Why You May Need Fundraising Counsel

Most non-profits have small or overworked staffs or both. You may have one or two people trying to do fundraising AND event planning AND publicity. If this describes you, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Even if blessed with a really talented and dedicated team, there is likely to be very little, if any, extra time for the many, many tasks required. With that in mind, Rescigno’s partners with professionals who bring an intimate knowledge of their donor pool and its unique history. In turn, we save you months (or maybe even years) of planning by working as an extension of your office.

If you’re looking to raise more annual fund money, you need us. We have both the tools and the resources to grow your program.

Your Team + The Rescigno's Team = Success!

We’ll help you maximize your fundraising efforts by providing the kind of support Rescigno’s has come to be known for. All you and your team need to provide is maximum effort.

Together, we can achieve great results, including, but not limited to:

  • A stronger annual giving program

  • Increased donor retention

  • More major gifts

  • More Board engagement in the fundraising process

  • Welcome packages that engage donors from gift #1

Whether you’re just getting started with fundraising or you’re looking to take your program to the next level, Rescigno’s will tailor a plan that’s right for your non-profit.

How’s your program doing?

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