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Are You At a Crossroads?

It happens to all of us at some point. We get stuck. No new ideas and being unable to figure out how to proceed is no way to go through your life and succeed as a fundraiser.

Maybe you’re not sure how to solve a problem, but, fortunately, you understand that procrastination isn’t the answer.

You may be overwhelmed with too much to do. Everything and nothing seem like most important right about now. I understand. In fact, I’ve been there. It’s a tough place to be. Makes you want to go hide, doesn’t it?

Or maybe there’s just one thing that’s not working. One problem that if you could solve it everything else would fall into place.

You haven’t told your boss about it because well, you just can’t. Or maybe you’re the boss and you feel like you have no one to talk with about the issue causing you angst.

C’mon, What Is It?

Can I help? The only way to get help is if you share the fundraising problem with an independent, 3rd party. That’s me! I promise our conversation will be private. And it just might feel good to talk about it with someone.

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