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Death’s Impact on Fundraising Is Real

In some parts of the country it’s known as bequest giving, in others it’s legacy giving. What this type of giving is, though, is what an individual decides to leave after they have passed on.

If you’re not sure how to broach this subject with a prospect, join the “about life after death” team.

The reality is that legacy or bequest giving does not talk to prospects about dying. On the contrary, it talks to people about immortality—about how they can live on—forever!

When you bring this subject up, what you’re really doing is giving the prospect the chance to pass their values on into the future via a cause they truly believe in.

From the standpoint of fundraising, take some time to think about your personal feelings as they pertain to money and death. Try to tie those feelings back to how you fundraise.

Here are some questions to help you reflect:

  • What did you learn about money growing up?

  • What are your feelings about death?

  • What might someone much older than you think about death?

  • How do you feel about people who have great or generational wealth?

  • What were your parents’ feelings about money?

  • How do you feel when someone gives you money?

Please let me know if you learn anything new about yourself after answering these questions.

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