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Emotional Fundraising

Emotional fundraising is all about feeding into people and their emotions and getting them to act on those emotions.

Emotions are powerful triggers or motivators that cause people to take specific actions –like giving to nonprofits.

If you’ve ever wondered why fundraisers target emotions (and they should if they’re not), rather than services, it’s because we, as human beings, are emotional. When we feel sad, happy, angry, etc, we act. Often, we do so impulsively.

Many studies have shown that loyalty is a driver of emotions.

Results of these studies also show that people who have positive emotional experiences are:

  • More likely to recommend your organization to others;

  • More likely to trust your cause;

  • More likely to become loyal donors;

  • More likely to understand and forgive your nonprofit if a mistake is made.

Remember, every second, every minute of our lives, people feel something. That means that you have all the time you need to make your constituents feel something positive when it comes to your cause and giving to it.

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