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Is Your Annual Fund Breaking Down?

Is your annual fund running at peak efficiency? Or, maybe it’s been underperforming for a while. Maybe yours falls somewhere in between.

The point is, if your annual fund isn’t doing as well as you know it could the result is that you’re probably missing out on thousands (and ultimately millions) of dollars.

One of the best ways to evaluate your annual fund’s performance is with an external audit. This is a review of your program that helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses and determine there is room for improvement. How can you know for sure that your annual fund is need of an audit? If you can say “yes” to any of the following questions, that’s when you’ll know it’s time:

  • Have your annual giving results been declining?

  • Do you have annual fund goals that are unclear?

  • Has your annual giving strategy remained unchanged for several years?

  • Are you in (or preparing for) a capital campaign?

  • Among your annual giving staff, has there been a lot of turnover?

  • Are you looking to hire (or have you recently hired) a new annual fund director?

Your annual fund program doesn’t need to be on the verge of breaking down to derive benefit from an external audit. Just as regular tune-ups and oil changes can help to avoid car troubles, preventative maintenance is the surest way to keep your annual fund in the best shape possible.

If you’d like to discuss Rescigno’s doing an annual fund audit of your program, email today or call 708-974-2600, 105.

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