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Need an Estimate for a Print or Print & Mail Project?

When looking for a printer it’s not the same as looking for a vendor for any other kind of marketing project. It simply isn’t. Why?


Because it’s so custom or tailored to your artwork, budget, and marketing goals.  What makes it so unique is the number of variables at play. That’s why, most of the time, most print product prices are not listed online (unless they are a simple and standard format, like a postcard).


What you need to provide to get a fast and accurate estimate are answers to the following:


  • Quantity – Think realistically about how many final pieces you really will need. Asking for estimates of between 500 and 50,000 is NOT realistic.

  • Paper – Knowing what paper you’d like to use allows us to furnish you with accurate pricing almost immediately. If you’re not sure, you should know the weight of the paper and if you’d like it to be from a coated or un-coated stock.  We keep an inventory or house stock of papers on premises year round. We can also guide you on your choices in this regard.

  • Size – This is one of the most parts of an estimate. The size determines how much paper will be needed and what machines can produce it. The size and weight of the paper, can, of course, also affect how much postage will cost if you will be mailing the piece out.

  • Colors – We can print with 1,2,3,4 (or more) colors. If you’re only printing in black ink or one color, there are savings to be had over a quote that’s for four-color.

  • Budget and Due date – If you’re able to give an approximate budget and ballpark due date, it’s certainly helpful.

  • Artwork – If the artwork is ready, it helps to speed up the estimating process..

  • Being able to provide accurate specifications will allow us to give you an estimate within one business day.


Know this: if the estimate we provide is too high, your willingness to change paper, size, colors, etc. can cut your costs down appreciably.

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