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The Work or the Need?

There’s a big difference between creating attention for your organization’s work and the need for that work.


Think about that for a moment. If you’re trying to get people’s attention, especially those who have expertise in what you do, like foundations who focus on your cause or government agencies and partner organizations, then it’s appropriate to talk about the work you do.


If, however, you’re trying to get the attention of people who don’t have the expertise in or knowledge of what you do, like the general public or your individual donors, then I would direct people’s attention to the need for your organization’s work. These are people who are not currently planning to make gifts to your organization. Likewise, these people aren’t likely to be interested in how effective your programs are until they know there’s a need for them.


So try to draw attention to the need for your work. Once they understanding and feel the need, that’s when they’ll be more inclined (and interested) in finding out how their gift (and your programs) will help meet that need.


As you try to make an impact and gain attention, be aware of which kind of people you’re trying to attract, and what you should be drawing their attention to.

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