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What Major Donors Need + One Surprise

Major donors need the following from you and your organization if they are to stay loyal to your cause:


  • Major donors want to know that you received their gift and that it made an impact.

  • They want to see, feel, and hear about the change that their gift made possible.

  • They want a higher level of connection to your cause and value greater access to your leaders, board members, and decision makers.

  • They want to know you value them for who they are, and not just for their money.

  • Major donors want proof that they can trust you with their money.

  • Major donors are interested in solving society’s big problems; not yours.

  • They want a positive experience when interacting with you.

  • They want the opportunity to evaluate your programs and invest in areas that align with their values and philanthropic objectives.

  • When they have questions or concerns, they want a prompt and pleasant response.

  • Major donors want to be treated as insiders and partners, not just money machines.

The surprise: Every donor, large or small, wants these same things. When you provide these experiences to donors they tend to stick with you longer and invest more. They do so not just because they believe in the work, but because they value the experience.

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