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Yay Millennials!

Rescigno’s often hears that organizations are targeting older audiences in their mailings and engaging millennials and other newer audiences through digital communications alone.

We’ve done some looking back at our clients’ giving habits and it’s revealed that there has been a significant increase in millennial gift giving over the past several years, much of it as a result of direct mail.

Taking advantage of empty mailboxes, in addition to understanding what really motivates millennials to give, is key to the future of most fundraising programs.

Millennials are also more likely than other generations to give as a result of direct mail strategies.  

This increase in motivation by millennial donors could be due to the late, but not lamented, global pandemic. Think about it, just as social distancing created a very real experience, as humans we all longed for connection. While many nonprofits, perhaps even yours, went to cost-effective strategies, including a decrease in direct mail, millennials wanted more in their mailboxes—not less.

Because this particular generation tends to choose paperless bill-paying options, for example, a direct mail appeal and the once-in-a-while birthday card from old Aunt Sally are most likely the only pieces of physical mail they receive. This helps your organization to stand out.

So, the question becomes how do you effectively reach out to motivated millennial givers?   Let's talk about this if you want to ramp up your millennial giving.

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