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Your Case for Support

How strong is your fundraising case? What I have found with many organizations Rescigno’s consults with is that their offers or “explanations of worthiness” of support aren’t strong strong, compelling, or specific enough.

Cases for support that are compelling and specific raise more money than those that don’t. Here’s a list of questions that a compelling fundraising case for support answers:

  • What is the pressing need people we serve have?

  • What is our organization planning to do to address this issue?

  • How much will this solution cost?

  • What can a donor accomplish by giving a gift to help solve the problem?

  • Why is this organization uniquely capable of addressing the problem?

A good case will emphasize the pressing need that you hope to address, why your organization is positioned to achieve success, and how it will do so with the right resources (which donor support will help to provide). It will also clarify how your donors will benefit and what the result will be for the beneficiaries of the support.

Is your “case” clear? Share it with me and I’ll be glad to comment back.

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