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Buzzwords that I Think Are Effective and Why

I’m not saying whether they’re necessarily good or bad, only that I’m recognizing them more and more. Some I’ll comment on; if I don’t have an opinion, I’ll just go on.

  • # — more and more memorable as time goes on;

  • Amplify – I’m hearing and seeing it more and more. As in Amplify Your Impact; I get a positive vibe from it;

  • Disruption – Disrupting homelessness – My opinion is that there is a negative connotation, stay away from using it;

  • Shape-shifting – I think it raises good questions about how organizations can produce social good;

  • Evidence-based practice – just now coming to fundraising to show how research backs up basic beliefs. Adds another layer of evidence either pro or con…that’s good.

  • Collective impact – I kind of like it because it helps focus attention on overall accomplishments by many rather than the few;

Please share any buzzwords you’ve been seeing more and more of.

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