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Pssssst! Don't

Research shows that 90% of all direct mail recipients read the P.S. first and then the body of the text (if you’re lucky!). So, always include a P.S. in your appeals.

Why? It’s a final ask to give. But it has to be interesting, not just a repeat of what you’ve already said. Try adding a new incentive or another bit of unusual or intriguing information or explain the urgency to send a gift NOW.


P.S. Have you thought about upgrading to the next membership (or giving) level? Check out the enclosed card to see all the benefits of upgrading.

P.S. When we first planned for our new off-site location, it was important to us that EVERYONE in our community feel welcome and part of the process. Without your donation, though, some will be left on the outside looking in. Please help us provide access for everyone by sending in your donation today.

P.S. Tim, your previous support of xxx has enabled CHRISTIAN SCHOOL to educate graduates who can change the world. Please join us in doing the same this year as a member of the Annual Fund Leadership Society. Your gift will be put to immediate use, and will be particularly helpful if received by June 30, 2015.

P.S. John, every dollar you donate is tax-deductible and over the past 5 years, every $84 donated to the Nature Preserve has allowed for the protection of a full acre of land!

P.S. Jim and Joan, thank you so much for your previous support. Please make your annual fund gift now of $50, $75, or $100 to help us maintain our high level of staffing, equipment, technology and community healthcare. Every gift does matter. And you two matter to me. Let’s strengthen our community hospital together. Thank you for joining us again as an annual fund donor.

How about your P.S. strategies? If you have one that you feel has been particularly strong, we’d love to read about it.

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