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Marketing to Millenials

For better or worse, Millennials are just different. I should know. I live with two of them. For folks who are non-Millennials, here are some ideas to consider when marketing your services to this fast-growing consumer group:

  1. Don’t make Millennials call you. Heck, they seldom even call their parents. I suggest setting up an e-commerce site where they can do things on their own time. A “chat now” feature on your website with a typed response is a good way to to communicate with this target market. Also, make sure that it’s easy to complete a transaction or they are known to move on to another company that does communicate easily online

  2. Millennials have short attention spans, so make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. We used to find answers in the encyclopedia (when was the last time you saw one of those?). They get their answers from the Web. They would rather spend 20 minutes looking up the information they need than 2 minutes calling you. Millennials like it if you offer exclusive information no one else is offering. If you do, they will think about it and then come to you for execution.

  3. Millennials are constantly being bombarded with ads on their various devices. Graphics and visual stimulation are a big part of their lives. They are the video game and mega-channel TV generation. Bore them and they will probably respond with a “click.” If you want to reach them make sure your email, direct mail, and any other marketing collateral are visually appealing. For example, bold, eye-catching graphics and a minimal amount of text. Also consider doing infographics. Millennials love information that is quick and easy to understand.

  4. Don’t be generic; Millennials believe that they are special and they are. Use variable data, customize your various campaigns and make them personal. For example, one part of your campaign could have an “inbound” component offering valuable content or a giveaway for completing a landing page. That’s a great opportunity to gather relevant information that can be used in a subsequent direct mail piece.

  5. Talking “at” Millennials turns them off. If you use YouTube and create videos, you’ll be talking “to” them. If you’re wondering what you can create a video about, just remember it doesn’t have to be a major production. In fact, the shorter the better. Remember, their attention span is short.

  6. Talk to Millennials in your family, community, and neighborhood. Figure out what other ways make them different from those of you who are non-Millennials. Millennials, other than your own kids, do like to be helpful. Here’s a hint: eavesdropping on social media (Twitter or Facebook) is an easy way to accomplish this.

  7. Don’t make Millennials figure out how you can help them. Tell them; show them. Explain to them how your products or services will help them.

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