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What Many Nonprofits Aren’t Doing

A missed opportunity for

many nonprofits is the way donors like to be engaged. For the most part, organizations offer a variety of ways for donors to engage, including sending a check in the mail to monthly giving to advocacy actions they can take.

However, many organizations don’t offer donors the option to donate goods and services, show support by buying products, or add a donation at checkout.

Additional ways you might engage donors in your cause:

  • Emails or e-newsletters

  • Option to “follow” on social media

  • Volunteering time

  • Volunteering leadership role

  • Donation in honor or tribute

  • Shared information on social media

  • Fundraising events

Extending this idea of what nonprofits are not offering, have you thought about taking donor preferences in to account when it comes to developing strategy and implementing fundraising campaigns?

Don’t just use the amount your donor gives as the primary data point around which you plan and execute a donor communication or fundraising campaign. Using just one data point to target many donors widens the gap between the donor’s expectations and the organization, and creates an environment where the organization relies far too much on the volume of communication to drive conversions and donations instead of targeted communications which generate a higher return.

Donors are telling organizations their preferences of channel, their interests and content preferences, and even the time of year and type of campaign they prefer to support. Using multiple data points to target the individual donor will improve donor experience, increase engagement and retention, and speed up AND increase giving-matching the experience they have with other experiences in their lives.

Can you add to the above list ways that your organization tries to engage with its constituents? We’d love to learn from you.

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