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Appeal in the Mail? Your Job’s not Done Yet!

By now, many fall appeals have gone to the post office. You may be thinking, I can sit back and relax until the end of the year. Wrong!

You’ve got some decisions to make. For example, you need to decide

  • When the timing is right for a 2nd contact. If you mailed in mid-September, then you should hold off until mid-November (and that will be here before you know it).

  • Which of your donors warrant the extra effort and expense of a follow-up. You can start by contacting donors who haven’t given in the current year AND

  • Gave a gift in the prior year AND

  • Have given more than one gift to your organization in the past.

These are the people most likely to give again. Then figure out if you will contact them

  • With a 2nd letter via direct mail or

  • Email or

  • By the phone.

Your budget, experience, time frame, and access to volunteers will help you determine which of these is best for your campaign.

Have I missed anything? Please share with us.

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