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Leadership Monday/Americans Giving More to Charity

The results of this country’s recent Giving Tuesday back up what we’ve been saying for some time. Americans are giving more money to nonprofits than ever. Donations from GT totaled $116.7million, up 155% over last year, according to Chicago-based Giving Institute’s annual Giving USA report. And it’s social sharing, technology and new financial tools that are spurring Americans to be more generous.

The health of the economy has also been a significant factor. In addition, organizations seem to be always growing in sophistication as far as their ability to reach out and engage donors.

While many thought that the advent of computers would revolutionize philanthropy, it didn’t fundamentally change the way fundraisers do what they do, which is to reach out to individuals for a cause they believe in and to maintain their interest in investing in its mission.

The challenge is to build new relationships and get new donors—this will always be the challenge. But then, just as importantly, if not more so, nonprofits must build meaningful relationships with those newfound donors. That is never going to change, no matter what technology is being used.

How are you using technology to help you find new and retain current donors?

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