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Enough of a Good Thing

Is not enough better than too much when it comes to a good thing in fundraising?

There is a fine line that separates the two in annual giving. Not enough attempts to reach out to prospects by phone and you may miss them on the one night that they’re actually at home during the week. Add to that the fact that too many missed calls on their caller ID may irritate them to the point of asking to be removed from your list.

Likewise, not enough words in your appeal letters and your case for support may end up being unclear. Too many words may frustrate the reader who doesn’t have the time or patience to read all of the appeal.

Fundraising isn’t a “more” business. We need to stop thinking of it in that way. It shouldn’t be about more letters, more calls, more visits.

Fundraising, though, is the business of better – better ideas, better dreams, and better lives.

“More” doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Sometimes, “more” may simply be--too much.

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