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Maintaining Donor Relationships on the Web

Do your donors know how important they are to your organization? Maybe you get so busy with “work” that maintaining relationships isn’t a priority.

If that’s the case with you and your cause, the bottom line is when donors feel unappreciated they quickly become lapsed or lost donors.

After all, it’s mutually beneficial to establish a meaningful, long-term relationship.

You get financial backing, while your donors benefit by having the opportunity to promote what they believe in.

But I realize you are busy. Your donors are too. Building relationships can be tough – and time consuming.

That’s where the internet can help. One warning before going any further: using the internet to maintain relationships is no substitute for genuine interaction.

Remember, as effective as a Tweet may be, it’s still no substitute for a handshake and a smile.

Having said that, in the coming weeks I’ll feature different ways to use the internet to maintain relationships with donors.

How do you use the internet to maintain/build relationships?

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