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Maintaining Relationships with Donors on the Web

In this second installment on Maintaining Relationships with Donors on the web, let’s spend some time talking about individualized thank you’s.

You know, it really doesn’t matter if you’re thanking an individual, a corporation, or a foundation. There are numerous ways to use the internet to show your appreciation publicly:

  • Tweet your gratitude and specifically mention individual donors by using their Twitter handle (include the @ before their name so they’ll be notified);

  • Use Facebook to mention individual donors (again, the @ before their name will link to their account so they’ll know you’ve mentioned them);

  • Insert the names of individual donors in your enewsletters;

  • List your donors, by name, on your blog;

  • Develop a page on your website that lists donors that support your cause.

These simple strategies can go a long way in developing long-term relationships with your donors. When you take the time to show people how much you appreciate them as individuals you can significantly strengthen their affinity to support your organization.

Remember, if the only way your organization reacts to a donor’s gift is to send a tax receipt, you’re being rude AND disrespectful. Be sure to let your donors know how much their support means to you personally and to your organization as a whole.

Please share with us what steps you take to individually thank your donors.

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