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Using the Data You Have to Strengthen Relationships with Donors and Prospects

Finding and keeping loyal donors is challenging, especially in times of economic ups and downs. Add to this the anxiety about the presidential election coming up in November and you have a lot of communicating to do to your various constituents and prospects.

There is a way for you to have strong, committed bonds with those you target.

It’s right there in your data! Here’s an example of what I mean:

Concentrate on donors from the last couple of years, especially those who are high-end donors or those who have given for 3 or more years in succession. These are the individuls you should make a priority. Next, look for trends to assist you in coming up with powerful asks to small segments of donors.

With the data you already have, here are 2 questions you should answer :

  1. What do your monthly donors look like?

  • Get a clear picture of your monthly donors, especially those new to monthly giving. They are loyal and likely to be long-term supporters.

  • Are there other prospects who share some of the same characteristics? If so, you’ll then be able to launch a campaign to convert them to monthly givers.

2. Who’s made a significantly larger gift than ever before within the last 6 months?

  • Make a personal thank you call(s) and ask what created the incentive for their latest gift. There may be more donors about to experience the same situation and likely to respond to a focused ask.

Remember, the most reliable way to reach your donors or prospects is always:

  • Where they are – Facebook accounts, email inboxes, etc.

  • At the times and on the days they tend to be there (when they open or click emails, sign your online petition, or retweet a recent tweet from your organization).

When it comes to data, there’s great power in the information that you already have at your disposal.

I’d love to hear what you do with your data that‘s particularly helpful to your organization. Please share with us.

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