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The Key to Unrestricted Giving

Ask anyone in planned giving and they’ll tell you that when planned giving prospects discuss bequests, it’s very common for them to want to designate to something specific.

While there is no guarantee that a 60-year old donor’s current interest will be something a nonprofit is interested in by the time the donor dies and the bequest is realized, unrestricted bequests are what you want, I’m sure.

What can a planned giving professional do to convince a donor to provide an unrestricted gift instead of a gift which is restricted?

Relationship, relationship, relationship, that’s what!

Making the donor comfortable with you, the planned giving officer, is what it’s all about.

In other words, when you cultivate a donor by sharing information and exchanging ideas you encourage the relationship that makes the donor feel that certain ‘comfort level’ with you and then, as a result, the organization.

As this cultivation progresses, trust usually leads to the donor making an unrestricted commitment.

Why is it important to get unrestricted gifts?

Have you had this discussion with your donor prospects? Please share your experiences.

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