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The Spring Appeal

Congratulations! You’ve gained new donors from your fall and winter appeals. Now what? This is a critical moment. Don’t let those donors forget about your organization.

A second appeal, sent in the spring months, will keep those new donors invested in your work. Sending out a spring appeal is a crucial step in retaining donors. Use the letter to inform them of the great things that your organization has accomplished since its last appeal because of their support. Consider using your spring appeal to add a little “fun” into your fundraising. An eye-catching design and a feel good story about donor impact are all it takes to ensure that your constituents give again.

Make sure, while writing your spring appeal letter, that the focus of the letter is communicating with donors, as opposed to asking for more money (though you still need to include that at least twice as well). Sure, you need to get that second gift, but the only way to do that is by keeping your donors engaged.

Here’s our bulleted list of reasons to send out a spring appeal:

  • The biggest gift a donor makes is usually around their sixth to eighth donation. This can be a great way to get gift number two!

  • Use the spring appeal as a way to inform donors of accomplishments they made possible.

  • You can give specifics here about what you need to raise money for.

  • Of course, you should thank your donors for their last gift!

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