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Fundraising and Chance Taking

Often, saying what you mean is difficult. Standing up for what you believe in can be even more difficult.

As writers who try to reach donors with authentic, emotional, and meaningful stories, shying away from making bold statements means that you end up keeping those you’re writing to at arms’ length. To put it another way, you’re making it more difficult for your donors to understand the emotional connection that results in them making the decision to support your cause.

If you do the writing for your nonprofit, keep reminding yourself that when you’re provocative, take a stand, or make headlines it almost always resonates strongly with donors.

Remember, your donors support your organization because you’re doing something important that they believe in. Own it, step out and proclaim it proudly.

For example, if you work for an organization that supports women’s rights, don’t shy away from pointing out in no uncertain terms the inequities that exist in wages paid to women vs men for the same job. Or, if you work for a health-related organization raising money to fight lung cancer, make it known that tobacco companies are purposefully adding stronger blends of tobacco to their cigarettes because they know it is more habit forming.

Do your homework. Be sure you have your facts straight, but once you do, step out and BE BOLD. To your donors, it will be compelling and I’m betting it will move your donors to action.

Please let us know if you’ve taken any chances in your donor communications lately.

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