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As a Professional, You Owe It to Yourself to Take Time to Learn

Over the past couple of weeks, Sue and I have either been presenting at or attending nonprofit fundraising conferences. Last Friday, I was at Development Day in Chicago, an AFP sponsored event.

This week, Monday and Tuesday are devoted to the National Catholic Development Conference, also in Chicago.

On Monday, we’re facilitating a roundtable discussion at NCDC. In October, we’ll be exhibiting and attending sessions at the CASE Community College Conference and in January we’ll be speaking to fundraising professionals at the Association of Lutheran Development Executives Conference.

As small business owners, it’s not easy to get away, especially at this time of year.

Despite the roadblocks, however, think about the benefits of conference participation. You get a fresh perspective from speakers, breakout sessions, and the other attendees. You pay attention because you’re going to have to report back to your bosses and colleagues on the valuable knowledge you gained while away from the office.

And you can meet with vendors that provide goods or services for your specific needs as a non-profit professional.

All good reasons to attend, wouldn’t you agree?

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