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Know Your Donors

If you’ve ever wondered what you should know about unlocking the door to your donors' hearts and minds, we’ve got some thoughts:

  • Your middle dollar donors are important. They fall into the category between low-dollar donors and major gift donors. If you’re saying to yourself, What’s the big deal?

It’s this—historically, 1% of mid-dollar donors give 20% of any organization’s direct mail revenue and about 6% of those go on to make major gifts. Many of your brethren neglect this group. You shouldn’t!

  • Mid-dollar donors appreciate direct mail. It makes them feel a partnership with you.

  • Mid-dollar donors want to feel like they have access to your development staff.– Include a business card of your annual giving or program staff person. It will help these donors feel connected to a person instead of an office.

  • They want to be able to interact with you. Let them know that you welcome their input and support.

  • These donors give through various channels- Let them choose how they will give and interact with you.

  • More often than not, donors who give at the level of $1,000 or more tend to be more technologically savvy than your lower-dollar donors. For these donors you should certainly be communicating with them digitally as well as by mail.

  • Donors with a particular disease will donate much more to appeals that discuss that disease.

  • Recurring donors-They need to be reminded how grateful you are for their support. Thank them at every and any opportunity.

How do you get to know your donors? Please add to our list in this space.

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