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Start Treating the Service You Provide Your Donors as a Way to More Revenue, not as a Nuisance

I read recently that in the for profit world, roughly half of the reason a customer stays or goes has to do with the service received rather than the product itself.

What this means for you in the non-profit world is that half (or more) of your struggle to retain donors doesn’t have very much at all to do with your mission or the benefits you offer.

Plain and simple, it’s how your team treats donors when they interact with your donor service.

There’s opportunity here and it has nothing to do with avoiding bad experiences. The real opportunity is recognizing that good donor service can actually improve the relationship and is critical to helping to create donors who are increasingly loyal and generous.

Too many non-profits, sadly, run their donor services department as though it’s an add-on to the services they offer, rather than a core part of their business.

Are you losing opportunities to create stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your donors?

We can help you create a donor retention plan that will do just that. Give us a call today.

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